Fall 2013

Super summer and a fun fall. I've worked on quite a few things since my last update. I posted 6 new videos in my motion graphics section! I also worked on about a dozen shows for the Big Ten Network and a Nine For IX for ESPN. I'm booked up through the end of the year so if I don't see you then, have a happy holiday and a prosperous new year!

Spring 2013

Wow, last year went by quick! My motion graphics section has been updated with some current work. I had a bit of contract work under NDA last year that I can't show :( There's some other great stuff though so check it out!

End of Summer '12

It's been a hot summer and I've wrapped a bunch of new projects. I've updated the style of the site and I've added some new spots to the Animation and Motion Graphics section. I have a few other projects that I've completed as well. Dannon Danimals needed a piece showcasing their growth for their national sales meeting and Purdue Pharma wanted to present their pain relief drug, Butrans, on the Healthcasts Professional Television Network. Both are internal pieces so I they have to stay under wraps. 


Spring 2012

I have a few more jobs recently finished that I'm posting here.

I finished the dLife show package for Stone House Productions. We had a lot of fun with this one including a stedicam shoot, a green screen shoot and lots of After Effects.

Also wrapped up a :30 spot for Eliminate 'Em Pest Control for Blue Chip Films. This had a pretty tight schedule and we turned it around quick. The idea was to make a hokey animated spot with some music that would get stuck in your head. I think we pulled it off.


Busy, busy! Winter 2012

Wew! What a crazy past few months. I had the opportunity to work on some big jobs and had a lot of fun along the way. I'll give you a quick recap: Liberty Mutual - Coach of the Year (Graphics Package/Open), AFI - Get 2 the Game (Graphics Package/Open), GEICO - Best of College Football (Graphics Package/Open), Victorinox CES 2012 Booth videos.

I worked with Elements and ESPN on the ESPN Films series: http://espn.go.com/espn/espnfilms/. Also at Elements, I finished up a new commercial for Muzzy.

Check out my graphics and animation section for some of my new work. 

I'll post some more stuff soon. I'm currently working on a new Graphics Package and Open for dLife which will air on April 1st on CNBC and just finishing up a new tradeshow video for TIMEX.

Spring Cleaning '11

Cliche? Yep!

Squarespace, my hosting company, decided it didn't want video files sitting on their servers. I ended up converting all my work over to Vimeo hosting. I've also added some new work.

BIC Razors revamped and added some new razors to their line up. They wanted fresh and edgy videos to show them off. I paired 3D animation with some motion graphics to create these 2 minute pieces. You can check out the new Flex4, Flex3, Comfort 3 Advance and Hybrid Advance on Bic Shavers YouTube site. I've embedded one video and setup a link to view the others here.

Timex had a trade show that needed a unique, travel inspired video. With a lot of Photoshop work and some After Effects magic I produced a trade show piece. You can view that over in the animation section as well.

Finally, I uploaded The Brass Sisters open.

One more thing, with the new Vimeo/YouTube hosting the videos that were HiDef are now viewable in HiDef!

Animation Updates - Winter 2011

Posted some of my recent work from the past year. I'll add a compilation of my Intersections work in the next few weeks as well as a finished intro for The Brass Sisters.

I've written about Intersections in an earlier post. The Panasonic Arc IV job was a finishing and reediting job for the Panasonic Arc IV website. I took some previously rendered 3D animations and recomposited them with new graphics and animation. Paul from BCF did the rough cut and I built the finished animation from there. Finally, Philips LED was a national spot promoting Philips new LED light bulbs. The Times Square Ball was modeled and rendered in 3D. I combined a live action shoot and other graphic elements in After Effects to produce the final spot. I hope you all enjoy these!

Speed Series

I'm currently working on a television series for Speed. I had a hand in the logo design, did all the graphics package and now I'm working on the 3D animations for each show. I'll fill everyone in as the air date approaches probably sometime in July.