Bill Hinkson works in the Broadcast Design, Motion Graphics and Animation business. Bill's career started after graduating the Computer Art and Animation and the Advanced Computer Art and Animation programs from the School of Communication Arts in Raleigh, NC. While in school Bill learned the fundamentals of 3D animation and 2D design. After graduating Bill started work with a small animation studio in Stamford, CT called Ball’N’Chain where he produced 3D animations for corporate clients such as Fuji. From there Bill moved back to NC to pursue work in the video game field. While at Headspin Studios Bill created 3D characters and levels and brought them to life with animation in 3D Studio Max. Headspin’s game caught the eye of Cyan, the makers of the award winning game series, Myst. Cyan bought Headspin and used the game engine for Uru: Ages Beyond Myst. Bill left Headspin shortly after Cyan’s acquisition to begin his motion graphics career at Palace Digital Studios. At Palace, Bill worked with clients such as USA Networks, Pepsico, Speed Channel, OLN, IBM and Computer Associates. His worked spanned websites, interactive CDROMs, corporate videos and broadcast graphics.

Trying to focus more on 3D animation and motion graphics Bill left Palace with coworker and former School of Communication Arts classmate, Jim Altieri, to start Rejectbarn Design and Animation. Bill's studio produced work for a variety of clients including PBS, Pepsi, Food Network, Unilever, Discovery Channel, Pitney Bowes and Tyco Healthcare to name a few.

Bill joined forces with Blue Chip Films in the beginning of 2008 to help round out the companies capabilities. While at Blue Chip, Bill did work for PBS, WE, Pepsi, Starbucks, Bic, Timex and Walmart.

At the end of Spring 2009 Bill left Blue Chip Films and began working as a freelance motion graphics artist and 3d animator.

Bill currently lives in Stratford, CT with his wife Cindy and their son Gabe.